4 Of The BTS Members’ Most Unique Shower Habits

Some of these even surprised the members!

The BTS members all have different habits, and some of them have revealed their unique shower habits over the years. Here are 4 of these habits.

1. V wearing bracelets

In an ARMY Corner Store video, V shared that he never takes off his bracelets, even when sleeping and showering!

RM was quite surprised after V shared this. V isn’t the only member like this, as Suga shared that he too rarely ever takes off his bracelets.

Jungkook and Jimin shared that they don’t take off their bracelets if they’re silver. All of this was quite surprising to RM, as he doesn’t like wearing bracelets.

2. Jimin wearing a bandana

At 2015 FESTA, V shared that Jimin has a habit of leaving his wet bandanas on the bathroom floor.

RM was confused about why the bandanas were wet, and V explained that Jimin wears a bandana when he showers and usually leaves it on the floor when he’s done!

After V shared this, the members teased Jimin a bit. Jimin then explained that he wears bandanas when showering because of neck pain.

3. Jin doing handstands

At 2021 FESTA, Jin shared“How decent my day was depends on how unproductive my day was.” He then shared that he likes to do many “weird things” to make himself laugh, such as taking a shower while doing handstands!

The members were quite surprised after Jin shared this.

Jin also shared that doing handstands while showering wasn’t the most pleasant thing, as his nose got filled with water. Jin, however, enjoys doing silly things like this to make his day brighter!

4. RM singing

In an interview with TIME, the BTS members were asked who sings the most in the shower, and RM got all the votes!

RM then laughingly “defended” himself by saying, “I mean, who doesn’t sing when he or she is taking a shower?” The members, however, decided to tease RM, with Jimin jokingly saying that RM’s shower singing “broke his ear.”

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