Here Are Each BTS Member’s Strengths And Weaknesses, According To Themselves

Some answers are hilarious!

The BTS members are officially “applying” for office jobs! As part of the 2021-2022 ARMY Membership Kit, the members went through the tedious process of filling out resumes (just for fun!) and included their strengths, weakness, career goals, and more. Check out what each member had to say about themselves below!

| Weverse

1. RM

RM considers having no driver’s license both a strength and weakness. It certainly allows him to ride his bike more!

He also revealed he has a few other skills up his sleeve, including his knowledge of hanja and the game Kartrider.

2. Jin

Just like RM, Jin’s strength is also his weakness. He’s handsome and maybe he knows it a little too well!

For his qualifications, Jin chose his skill at the game Maple Story.

3. Suga

According to Suga, he has no strengths or weaknesses. However, in the eyes of ARMYs, his strengths are endless!

For skills, he has his driver’s license and passed his computer aptitude test!

4. J-Hope

It comes as no surprise that one of J-Hope’s many skills is his diligence when it comes to being on time. However, his weakness is getting easily tired.

J-Hope revealed his certifications are his knowledge of Cubase, a music production software, as well as his driver’s license!

5. Jimin

Jimin has the confidence that he can finish all his assigned work well. However, he revealed his weakness is that he “might run away!”

According to him, he also has a “Professional Suga Handling License” — Something every ARMY has been studying hard for!

6. V

V has the great strength of being skilled at the art of meditation.

However, according to himself, that’s all he knows how to do!

7. Jungkook

Jungkook considers himself to be “simple,” which is both a strength and a weakness!

He’s also totally skilled at Premiere Pro, a video editing software, and is able to produce a variety of well-edited videos for Golden Closet Film.

Source: Twitter