Here Are 20 Hilarious BTS Memes Every ARMY Needs In Their Camera Roll

We all need #8 sometimes.

Made by the funniest ARMYs, these BTS memes are perfect to express any type of reaction from tears to excitement. Check out all 20 below!

1. Anytime any song from HYYH comes on shuffle

“Foreveeeeer, we are yooooung~”

2. When you secretly enjoy a little fandom drama

Sit back, relax, and no one has to know.

3. Used when you catch your bestie being disloyal to their bias

Caught in 4K and reporting back to HYBE as we speak.

4. When you’re just really, really shook

Like, immensely shook.

5. The perfect “I was caught off guard” meme

I was NOT ready for that.

6. When it’s about time for Weverse to sell some BTS-themed tissues

Happy tears, emotional tears — We got you covered *in borahae.*

7. A simple, yet perfect meme for judging

I saw that and I don’t approve.

8. When the comeback is just around the corner

Deep breathing, everyone.

9. This one may be up to interpretation

Did we set the house on fire or are just watching it burn? The world may never know.

10. 5 minutes before tickets go on sale…and after

Pain, only pain.

11. When your bias finally posts a selfie after being MIA for two weeks straight

So much love.

12. Used when nothing is adding up

Explain that HYYH theory again to me.

13. When J-Hope’s camera roll is full of gold of all the members

Hand over the hard drive nice and easy, Hobi.

14. An absolute classic

Texting your friend that’s next to you and waiting for her response like:

15. When you meet an ARMY that has the same favorite era as you

It was a time to be alive.

16. When you’ve just finished explaining some facts

Here’s my essay on why Weverse Shop needs to restock.

17. Realizing you did, in fact, throw hundreds of dollars at the Artist-Merch Collection

It was a character-building experience.

18. After your bias shows his abs on stage

Not in this house.

19. Catching up on all the latest tea

The duties of a K-Pop fan never end.

20. When someone retweets your #ArmySelcaDay photo

Overcome with feels!