20+ BTS Memes To Celebrate The Release Of “Butter”

Some are new, some are old but gold!

There’s never a bad time for BTS memes, but since we’re already celebrating the release of “Butter” today, it seems to be as good a time as any to giggle over new and old memes of the iconic group! Here are 20+ memes that will make this historical day even more enjoyable for ARMYs.

1. Yeah… This is how it went for all of us.

2. This is too real 😭

3. He spoiled so much…

4. This banana is any ARMY that got to meet Jin in person.

5. If only these were real…

6. J-Hope had his own priorities.

7. Actions have consequences!

8. It’s okay, we all know the feeling.

9. Hopefully soon this will be a thing of the past :’)

10. This is 100% real footage.

11. I see no difference.

12. Basically.

13. “Spring Day” will never get old.

14. What other songs can we listen to right now??

15. The resemblence is uncanny 😂

16. Any Jimin x Floor shippers out there?

17. Who remembers this era of BTS?

18. You got this, streamers!

19. Who else has dealt with this same situation??

20. There’s no better reason to wake up early.

21. Suga NO!

22. Relatable AF.

23. All of us today!

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