10 Hilarious K-Fandom Memes Translated From EXO, BTS, SEVENTEEN, NCT And More

#10 is too funny!

K-Pop fandoms are all about the memes, but have you seen the Korean side of things? Here are 10 hilarious memes from K-Fans that you’ve might not have seen before.

1.  Something doesn’t match up…

With the size and image of SHINee‘s Taemin and MONSTA X‘s Shownu, this meme was inevitable with the caption, “Who’s the person that bullied him when he has such a huge build? Mr Taemin, I’m fwine…

| @by_beep/Twitter

2. Renjun, an entire cutie (NCT)

He looked too cute with that bag of snacks to not do this one with “Okay, Renjun can live at the mart. Mom will go home! Noo, I’m ready too, let’s go home now.


| pann

3. Bulletproof they are not

This hilarious fan-taken shot of BTS‘s Jin and Jimin stole the limelight with the caption, “Jimin dodged the bullet but Jin got hit.

| pann

4. If the shoe fits…

SEVENTEEN‘s Boo Seungkwan somehow looks exactly like this shoe when he makes that expression!

5. Hula hula!

A hilarious caption, “it seems like the hula hoop is spinning Dokyum.

| @L_Q_dk/Twitter

6. Jeno’s the only one that can control Chenle (NCT)

Chenle is known to be very strong-willed! It seems like Jeno is the only one that can “make him silent“!

| pann

7. Well it is V… (BTS)

Would you accept this humble drink of water if, “that gentleman over there sent this over“?

| @cooing_tae/Twitter

8. Just another day with EXO

When Chanyeol asks Kaido you see that? From here to there…the land is all yours…” and Kai is touched by the gesture, the “real estate agent Mr Byun” can only go “they’re acting up…

| pann

9. Stealing the spotlight

Literally! Although Jimin is the one singing, can you spot the little mood light RM at the corner?

| @armyju01/Twitter

10. Crushing on you

This caption does it for us when they say NCT‘s Taeil looks like your crush’s friend that found out you like his friend!

| pann

Isn’t K-Fans’ humor one of a kind?

Source: pann