BTS’s Messages To Themselves In The Mirror Sound Exactly Like ARMYs Expect

Fans can almost hear the members say these.

During their interview with the official Japanese fan club magazine, BTS members were asked to imagine looking at their reflections in the mirror, and to send themselves a personal message. Upon reading the messages, ARMYs are cracking up over how their individual personalities are showing in their messages! And while the answers are written in text, ARMYs have no problem hearing the members’ voices — because their responses sound exactly as they would.


1. Jin

You’re always so good-looking. Please stay exactly the way you are!

— Jin


2. Suga

Hmm… Maybe fix your hair and make-up…?

— Suga


3. J-Hope

I can’t help but notice how oily your nose is…! (Laughs) Wait, no, can you please not write this down? (Laughs again)

— J-Hope


4. RM

You did great! Please keep doing your best!

— RM


5. Jimin

What! To myself in the mirror…? (Giggles) How about… I hope your hair grows soon!

— Jimin


6. V

Teehee… I never know what to say to questions like this…

— V


7. Jungkook

You have a lot of passion, but don’t lose grip on yourself. And stop procrastinating! Just do it!

— Jungkook

Source: Tistory