BTS, Is That You? ARMYs Meme-ify The “Met Gala”

Even Yeontan showed up!

Despite the members of BTS not attending this year’s Met Gala, this didn’t stop ARMY from imagining what it would be like if they showed up! While some fans posted real outfit ideas, others created hilarious memes that are guaranteed to make you crack up with laughter. Check out some of the best edits below!

1. This J-Hope look is so good, we can imagine it happening IRL!

2. Some of the most hilarious tweets include this iconic Jimin outfit.

3. We can never escape Jungkook’s over-the-top style.

4. The theme is “bulletproof!”

5. At least Suga showed up this year…kind of.

6. Yeontan knows how to work the crowd.

7. They’re a little underdressed, but we still love it.

8. Prince V steps into the Met Gala!

9. Welcome, Koya.

10. Wootteo has landed on a far away planet.

11. His dad isn’t too far behind.

12. RM pulled up just in time!

13. The duo of the night.

14. Let’s get the whole group involved!

15. The attendees wish they served looks like these!


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