20 Of ARMY’s Favorite Misheard BTS Lyrics Of All Time

Once you hear it, you can’t unhear it.

BTS‘s lyrics are just as memorable as their vocals, but sometimes the true meaning gets lost in translation. On Twitter, fans recently revisited some of their favorite misheard BTS lyrics of all time. Here are 20 of them!

1. Are Jimin and V “Friends” or foes?

2. Suga’s famous “drop the cheesecake” moment in “Seesaw”

3. Once you hear “Michael” in “ON,” you’ll never unhear it. Ever.

4. “Shining through the city with a little funk and soul”

5. J-Hope’s unintentional shoutout to “white girls” in “Love Maze”

6. When “Save Me” took this surprising detour

7. Jungkook’s declaration in the middle of “IDOL”

8. “Go Go” report that account, right now!

9. “You are my soulmate?” No. It’s now…

10. Who’s hungry?

11. When Jungkook told himself to freshen his own breath in “Bulletproof Pt. 2”

12. Girl, please go moisturize that scalp.

13. It’s “fight right now.” Fight. 

14. As much as we love “hate us, love us,” this has a nice ring to it.

15. Is it “see me, see me” in “No More Dream” or…

16. “Disco overload, I’m into that, I’m good to go…”

17. Behave, ARMY.

18. Jimin’s unexpected line of questioning in “Danger”

19. What do you mean it’s actually “walkin’, walkin‘?”

20. “You never walk alone” is now “you never wear cologne.”


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