Here Are 15 GIFs Of BTS That You Can Practically Hear 

Your brain will magically add in the sound for #3!

Some BTS moments are so iconic, you don’t even need sound to hear exactly what they’re saying. Check out a few GIFs below where any ARMY’s mind will add in all the exact sound effects!


2. “Oreo McFlurry. McFlurry one, please!”

3. Jin’s iconic windshield wiper laugh

4. “COVID, get the hell out!”

5. “Hello, we are~” “BTS!”

6. J-Hope’s extremely loud voice

7. “Lachimolala?”


9. BTS chaotically screaming

10. Singing “Happy Birthday” during a livestream

11. The sound of Jimin stretching his limbs to the max

12. “Sope” opening the door of the Hwagae Market

13. V crying laughing over Jimin’s pinky

14. J-Hope’s iconic laughing and clapping

15. “Bye!!”