The BTS Members Are All Made Of Muscle — Here’s Undeniable Proof

Their hard work is paying off!

The members of BTS are shocking fans with their recent fit physiques. Whether they are known for their bulging biceps, impeccable abs, or broad back, each member shows that their fitness routine is paying off. Check out why ARMYs are begging for BigHit to “close the gyms” below!

1. Jungkook

Jungkook is often described as BTS’s “muscle rabbit” and it’s easy to see why!


At 10% body fat, his love of fitness put his body into the “athlete” category.


2. RM

RM’s recently changed physique is due to his love for pilates.


He once revealed his healthy body is at only 15% body fat.


3. Jimin

Jimin’s slender physique is toned and powerful from years of dancing, giving him great core strength.


From his abs to his legs, he is the definition of “toned!”

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

4. J-Hope

J-Hope’s interest in working out is also causing him to bulk up and fans are loving his athletic and muscular physique.

| @rosehope218/Twitter

His arms, abs, and chest are a triple threat to ARMY’s hearts!

5. Jin

BTS’s oldest member is known for his wide shoulders and broad back.


Jin’s slender yet wide upper body makes fans fall for him at first sight.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

6. Suga

Suga’s been hitting the gym hard…


…and is ready to show off his hard work to ARMY!


7. V

Even V has recently debuted his new muscles that he works hard for in the gym.

| @taehyungpic/Twitter

| @taehyungpic/Twitter

BTS claims they “don’t have biceps or pecs” in the “Anpanman” lyrics, but ARMYs are calling their bluff!


Check out more of his muscles in his now-deleted post!

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