BIGHIT Music Releases 20+ New HD Photos of BTS Being Boyfriend Material

Each member shows off a few different looks!

BTS recently showed off their handsome visuals during their ‘DECO KIT’ photoshoot. Check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos from Naver that are 100% boyfriend material!

1. Book Worm

In their first concept, the BTS members are dressed up!

Looking a bit more professional, they give off the vibe of a student out of class.

Ties, dress shirts, and khakis do them justice!

2. Date Ready

Holding some flowers, the members look as if they’re waiting for ARMYs to go on a date.

Which one is the flower and which one is the BTS member?

3. Playful and Cute

For their last concept, they showed off more of the cute and casual charms.

If you love bright colors, aegyo, and a whole lot of personality, this look is your style!

ARMYs, can you pick your favorite style for BTS?

4. Group Photos

In their sub-units, the members show off their flower-like charms.

Source: Naver