What’s BTS Watching On Netflix? Add These Hits To Your Own Watch List

Here’s the latest update.

Are you looking for Netflix series and films to binge? Here are 6 recommendations based on BTS‘s own watch lists!

1. End Of The F***ing World

On Weverse, fans recently asked what he’s been up to lately. In addition to practicing his golf swings, V has been watching the Netflix series End of the F***ing World. 

| Weverse

Fan: Taehyung, what are you watching?
V: The End of the F***ing World🔥

— V

Is this British dark dramedy about life during the COVID-19 pandemic? No, but with that title, it certainly could be. End of the F***ing World follows a self-diagnosed “psychopath” and his rage-filled classmate who wants to escape her home life. Together, they embark on a journey full of shocking twists and turns.

| Netflix

2. Twenty Five Twenty One

In a recent Instagram story, Jungkook shared a clip of himself giggling through a scene from Twenty Five Twenty One, a 2022 K-Drama that’s taking over Netflix.

Twenty Five Twenty One is a slice of life series that chronicles the romantic lives of five characters. One is an ambitious 18-year-old fencer, another a 22-year-old man who is taking a second chance at life. At ages 25 and 21 they fall in love.

| tvN

3. Emily In Paris (Season 2)

BTS’s song “Dynamite” made a surprising cameo in Season 2 of Netflix’s Emily in ParisThis fashion-centric series follows Emily, an American woman who joins a French marketing firm in Paris. 

“Emily In Paris” poster | Netlfix

In one episode, Emily’s friend Mindy performs “Dynamite” at a drag show.

Ashley Park performing “Dynamite” | Netflix

After seeing the episode, RM and V both shared the show on their personal Instagram accounts.

| @rkive/ Instagram


4. Paik’s Spirit

While in quarantine, Jungkook shared an Instagram story captioned, “drinking alone.” The video clip was from Netflix‘s Paik’s Spirit, a show featuring celebrity guests, delicious food, and drinks.

This show is hosted by chef Baek Jong Won, who once guested on Run BTS! If you’re looking for a comforting show to watch while enjoying fine dining, Paik’s Spirit is for you!

5. We Couldn’t Become Adults

On Instagram, RM shared a screenshot from the 2021 Japanese film We Couldn’t Become Adults.

This introspective movie follows a man in his forties who looked back at his past relationships and unfulfilled dreams, beginning in the 1990s.

6. Squid Game

Last but not least is the global phenomenon Squid Game. During BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts in Los Angeles, V surprised ARMY by dressing up as a guard from the show.


Squid Game follows 456 players as they compete in a tournament of deadly children’s games for a life-changing cash prize. The series has been praised for its biting social commentary about capitalism and class divides. Although the director originally had no intention of continuing the show, he has since changed his tune. Season 2 is on the way!