Could BTS’s V Become A Pro Golfer? An Unbiased Expert Critiques His Skills

He gave his honest feedback.

From singing and dancing to photography and judo, BTS‘s has talent to spare. Now, he’s adding another hobby to his ever-growing list!


V recently tweeted a video to update fans on his golf progress.

Why golf? V decided to take up the sport to fulfill his father’s “greatest wish.

| Weverse

My dad said his greatest wish is to go golfing with me so I’ve been learning for the past three weeks-ish. I haven’t even made my debut out on the field yet…

— V

V’s golf skills are impressing fans, but what do professionals think about this self-described “amateur”? One ARMY took it upon themself to find out.

“We showed a video of BTS’s V golfing to a professional golfer who’s not a fan of V,” the fan tweeted. They are currently taking lessons from a golf coach. “[He said] ‘There are a few things that I’d like to see improved, but he has the skills of not someone who’s been learning for a couple of weeks but someone who’s been learning for more than 3 years. I think he’s good enough to make a professional debut.”

Golf lovers of the world, are you ready for V’s debut?