BTS’s V Impresses ARMYs With His New Skills In Recent Twitter Update

There’s nothing he can’t do!

BTS‘s V has tons of hobbies. From saxophone to judo, he does it all! However, one of his most recent endeavors is taking up golf.

| @thv/Instagram

Though revealed he’s been resting from golf for a few weeks, but has recently updated ARMYs on his skill progression. Previously, he posted a video on his Instagram story of himself trying to get the hang of the sport.

His natural talent, combined with refining his skills overtime, has lead to his latest video. Showing off proper form, he looks like a true professional!

Calling himself a “Golfbie,” or a golf newbie, his impressive skills say otherwise.

V’s sudden interest in golf comes as no surprise to ARMYs when he previously revealed his sentimental reason for taking up the sport.

My dad said his greatest wish is to go golfing with me so I’ve been learning for the past three weeks-ish. I haven’t even made my debut out on the field yet…

— V

| Weverse

As a true family man, V is getting better day-by-day at the sport to be closer with his dad!