Here Are 10 Questionable Moments BTS Made It On The News That Will Make You Wheeze

Try not to crack up at #4.

Whether the news editors are secretly ARMYs or they just make some interesting stylistic choices, these hilarious moments of BTS on news programs will have you wondering who exactly made these decisions. Check out the top 10 “WTF” moments where the image didn’t quite match the content and left us all with some legendary news segments.

1. Of all the Bangtan Bombs, this clearly was the most news-worthy.

Nothing like an aggressive game of hide and seek to grace the 6 o’clock news.

2. “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…”

The caption is discussing BTS’s record-breaking album presales, but that’s the last thing most people would notice here.

3. Don’t worry, Jimin. Nobody saw that jacket get stuck on your head.

…Except everyone tuning into today’s news. Whoops.

4. Welcome to Korea’s most popular Twitter account, like, ever.

What, did you expect a normal profile picture?

5. The queen has arrived.

We have no choice but to stan for life.

6. “At Billboard, our dreams became a reality.”

On the news, however, Worldwide Handsome became Worldwide Cutie.

7. What are these ARMYs doing on the news?!

Oh, right. That’s just BTS repping hilarious pictures of themselves with the words “I’m an ARMY” on the back.

8. Seriously, try not to laugh at this one.

Something tells us Jin had no idea this picture would end up on T.V.

9. Meet fierce rapper, producer, and songwriter Suga.

Feel free to cover your eyes if he’s too intimidating.

10. Sometimes, ARMYs can’t help but submit their own hysterical pictures.

Congratulations to the new “graduate” Jungkook Jeon from Rowland Heights, CA.