Here’s A First Look At BTS’s Nordstrom Collection, As Told By ARMYs Who Visited The Stores Themselves

Check them out 👀

BTS‘s collaboration with Nordstrom was just released and fans quickly flocked to their stores to grab their favorite merch. Though it’s possible to shop online, it was a different—and more immersive—experience to go in person.

BTS’s Nordstrom Collaboration | @permylastemail7/Twitter

If you want to see how the merch looks like in real life, check out the photos and videos of several ARMYs below!

1. First up, BTS’s posters were front and center.

2. “Dynamite” was playing aloud.

3. Clothes, accessories, and more were available.

4. A touch of purple was there as expected.

5. Hoodies were a popular option.

6. Needless to say, ARMYs were pleased.

7. The experience was A-plus.

8. “Cute” was the aesthetic of the day.

9. As in, really cute.

10. With BTS’s faces on display, how can it not be?

11. There was a dedicated BTS section in each participating store.

12. Wherever you look, there’s something eye-catching on display.

13. It’s worth a look!

Source: Twitter