Here Are 10+ Behind-The-Scenes Photos From BTS’s Zoom Fanmeeting

If you missed it, these photos will make up for it!

BTS released exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from their recent fanmeeting, “One Amazing Summer Day.” 200 Lucky ARMYs were chosen to meet BTS via Zoom, however, everyone can join in on the fun by checking out these adorable photos! Check them out below.

1. RM

Zoom quality is good, but HD RM is even better!

2. Jin

Jin nailed the pajama dress code in his cozy pinstriped set.

3. Suga

Ladies and gentlemen: Pink-haired Suga!

4. J-Hope

Who isn’t jealous of the 200 ARMYs who witnessed J-Hope’s bright smile live?

5. Jimin

Jimin is the definition of “cutie-sexy!”

6. V

V proves his model visuals are unmatched…even in plaid pajamas!

7. Jungkook

Hearts from Jungkook work better than any vitamin, guaranteed.

Source: Weverse