Here Are 20 Chaotic OT7 Moments Of BTS For A Boost Of Serotonin

Every ARMY remembers #3!

Nothing brings greater happiness than watching the seven members of BTS have fun together! Check out some of their craziest and cutest moments together below.

1. Every concert becomes their own personal party!

2. They’re in their own world at all times.

3. Nobody has more fun than these seven boys!

4. Cringing at your past self is always a blast.

5. Time for a pajama pizza party!

6. Group selfies are their specialty.

7. They’re just like a litter of energetic puppies!

8. Even during rehearsal, they make every moment fun.

9. Nothing feels better than celebrating together!

10. Congrats to the graduating class!

11. “Calm” isn’t in their vocabulary.

12. Make way for the coolest kids on the block.

13. They take the cutest pics!

14. Pig pile, anyone?

15. Some things never change!

16. Group hugs are the best…

17. …even if things get crazy!

18. Are they allowed to be this cute?!

19. Millions of ARMY, 7 boys, 1 family.

20. They’re right: Liking BTS was the best decision ever!