Take A Look At BTS’s Paintings From “In The SOOP 2”

They’re all great artists!

ARMYs loved getting a glimpse of BTS‘s artistic sides in the first season of In the SOOP, and the group painted in the show’s second season, too!

BTS | BTS/Weverse

The members had plenty of fun in the sun in the latest episode of In the SOOP, but they went inside after it started to rain. Apparently, nearly all of the members decided that painting was the best indoor activity!

| BTS/Weverse

1. RM

 RM  had actually started his painting on the first day of filming for In the SOOP, but he was inspired by the rain. He added rain drops to his painting of the forest and mountains.

Here’s his finished painting!

2. Jin

Like RM, Jin turned to the forest for inspiration. He carefully mixed his colors to accurately depict what he saw in the forest through his window. Jin was very proud of his finished painting, and he said it was “a very pure painting.” 

Here’s Jin’s finished painting!

3. J-Hope

J-Hope carefully planned out his painting before he began. He sectioned off his canvas with painter’s tape and added tiny dots of paint that he blended together. After he was done painting, J-Hope flicked specks of paint onto his art to add his “Hobicore” flair to it.

Here’s J-Hope’s finished painting!

4. V

V started painting on the first day of filming, just like RM! He said that he created whenever inspiration struck—whether day or night—because he had his “own space” during this season of In the SOOP. V painted faces and filled his canvas with vibrant colors. As he painted, his own face was adorably pouty because of his intense concentration.

Here’s what V’s finished painting looked like!

V also painted 2 other paintings while filming that weren’t included in the most recent episode, and they are just as impressive as this one!

5. Jungkook

Jungkook painted his furry bestie, Bam! Before he began painting, he took reference photos of Bam. Then, he painted Bam’s face and covered it with different colors to create an abstract work of art.

Here’s what Jungkook’s finished painting looked like!

Suga and Jimin did not paint in the latest episode of In the SOOP. While the other members were painting, Suga was working on music and Jimin was still asleep because he went to bed late.