BTS’s V Puts The V In “MVP” In a Chaotic Game Of Foot Volleyball

He’s got the spirit of a champion!

The BTS members started a rather chaotic game of foot volleyball in episode 3 of “BTS In the SOOP 2,” and ARMY got to see the end of the game in the latest episode!

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J-Hope didn’t play because he was feeling tired from being out in the heat all day, so the remaining six members divided themselves into two teams. One team was made up of Jin, Suga, and Jungkook, and the other team was made up of RM, Jimin, and V.

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At the start of the game, the members decided to play until one of the teams reached 13 points to win the game.

Although they had agreed to play until a team scored 13 points, the members were tied at 22 points to 22 points at the start of the latest episode of In the SOOP!

Before the match resumed, Suga and Jimin tried to intimidate each other. Then, Jimin kicked a powerful serve.

Suga received Jimin’s serve, but he kicked it to his team member, Jin, instead of to the other team.

Jungkook evened the score to 23-23 by kicking a powerful serve that the other team failed to receive.

Jimin, RM, and V’s team pulled ahead once again after Jimin kicked a powerful serve that hit Jin in the stomach.

The members decided to play until they reached 25 points, and the teams geared up for a fierce final battle. Jungkook served the ball and Jimin, V, and RM all passed the ball to each other before RM hit it back over the net.

Jungkook kicked the ball back to the other team, and V prepared to strike.

V powerfully kicked the ball over the net, and Suga missed the ball. V’s powerful kick allowed his team to win the game with a score of 25 to 23!

The winning team proudly bowed while holding hands to celebrate their victory.

V talked about the intense foot volleyball game in an interview with the In the SOOP crew, and he was clearly very proud of himself! He said, “I did finish the game, indeed.”

He continued, “The person who received it and tossed it back did a great job. And that was me. That’s all I have to say.” Spoken like a true MVP!


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