5 Times BTS’s Parents Loved The Members Like Their Own Sons

They love their “sons.”

When BTS became BTS, the members’ parents added six more sons to their families. Over the years, they have cared for the members like their own children. Here are just a few examples!

1. When Jungkook’s mom told Jimin she loves him

Most interactions between BTS and their parents happen off-camera, but a few on-camera ones have been shared with ARMY. Most recently, Jungkook‘s mom helped her son win points on Run BTS!, and brightened her other “son’s” day.

Jungkook at school with his mother.

“Mother,” Jimin said, calling her as if she were his own mom. “Mother, it’s me, Jimin! It’s Jimin. Jimin!”   

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

Once Jungkook’s mom realized who was speaking, she sweetly told him, “I love you!”

| Run BTS!/Weverse

Jimin couldn’t have been happier! He was still smiling after the phone call ended, reliving the precious moment.

| Run BTS!/Weverse 

2. That time V’s mom packed snacks for everyone

During BTS’s stay-cation show In the SOOP, V’s mom prepared snacks for all of her seven sons to eat on their way to the lake house.

After V passed out the snacks, the members praised his mom’s culinary skills and said things like, “Your mother is incredible.” 

It’s easy to see where V learned to take care of the people in his life!

3. Advice from V’s dad

V’s dad has also left a lasting impression on BTS. On You Quiz On The BlockRM revealed a piece of advice from V’s dad that became a slogan to the members; “It’s no big deal.”

V’s dad (bottom right)

No matter what challenges BTS faces, it’s no big deal; they can always get back on their feet again.

| You Quiz On The Block/Youtube 

4. When Suga’s parents made it clear who their favorite son is

During a live broadcast, Suga shared a funny anecdote about his parents. They praised V’s English skills…

…and dissed Suga’s! “Why don’t you study English?” they asked. They easily could have added, “like your brother does.”

5. When RM’s fashion sense inspired Jin’s dad

Fans were also able to witness a sweet, funny moment between RM and Jin’s dad. While BTS was watching a video of themselves, Jin told his members that his dad pestered him about RM’s hat for three whole weeks. He wanted RM’s hat for himself!

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