If BTS Performed “I’m Too Sexy”, This Is How It Would Go Down

This is the mashup you didn’t know you wanted.

BTS hasn’t performed Right Said Fred‘s iconic “I’m Too Sexy” song (yet), but if they did it might go a little something like this…


1. “I’m too sexy for my love”


2. “Too sexy for my love”


3. “Love’s going to leave me”


4. “I’m too sexy for my shirt”


5. “Too sexy for my shirt”


6. “So sexy it hurts”


7. “And I’m too sexy for Milan”


8. “Too sexy for Milan”


9. “New York”


10. “And Japan”


11. “And I’m too sexy for your party”


12. “Too sexy for your party”


13. “No way I’m disco dancing”

Disco? No. Hip-hop.


14. “I’m a model, you know what I mean”


15. “And I do my little turn on the catwalk”


16. “Yeah, on the catwalk”


17. “On the catwalk, yeah”


18. “I do my little turn on the catwalk”


19. “I’m too sexy for my car”


20. “Too sexy for my car”


21. “Too sexy by far”


22. “And I’m too sexy for my hat”


23. “Too sexy for my hat”


24. “What do you think about that?”


25. “I’m too sexy for my cat”


26. “Too sexy for my cat”


27. “Poor, pussy, poor, pussy cat”


28. “I’m too sexy for my love”


29. “Too sexy for my love”


30. “Love’s going to leave me”


31. “And I’m too sexy for this song”