Here Are 10+ Iconic Moments From BTS’s Las Vegas Concerts That Still Don’t Feel Real

#4 was not just a fever dream.

BTS‘s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” in Las Vegas concerts may have come to an end, but mentally, we’re all still there reliving every epic moment! Check out some of the things that every ARMY still needs more time to process below.

1. When the camera man knew exactly what to do

He definitely got V’s good side!

2. When everyone was ready to risk it all for Suga

He got more marriage proposals that week than in his entire life.

3. When they were casually making bets on stage

The real question is: Will Jin follow through?

4. When RM did this and thought everyone would be okay

Spoiler: We’re not okay.

5. When BTS went wild for the fanboys

After V asked the guys in the audience to scream, all the fanboys cheered their lungs out!

6. When J-Hope referred to his hyung as “My Suga”

Who are we more jealous of?

7. When Jin still tried to fight, despite wearing a cast

The chaos never stops!

8. When V accidentally became a Victoria’s Secret model

He strutted his stuff like it was nobody’s business.

9. When the young ones showed their love for their leader

So wholesome!

10. All of the chaotic group moments

Putting multiple BTS members together can only result in something amazing.

11. When the two babies did this

They just couldn’t get any more precious if they tried.

12. When Jin reminded everyone why his nickname is “Worldwide Handsome”

The man you are today, Jin!

13. All of the mesh shirt moments we endured

J-Hope, I’m not your strongest soldier.

14. When they couldn’t stop having staring contests

If either one gets tired, ARMY will sub in!