Here Are 10 Of BTS’s Funniest Reactions To Their Own “Permission To Dance” Music Video

#3 was a roast. 🤣

Recently, BTS showed their reactions to their own music video for their latest single, “Permission To Dance.” Check out 10 of their most hilarious comments below!

1. The waitress is actually serving J-Hope pancakes.

Clearly, he needs something to go with his butter!

2. RM chose the brilliant shade of “tennis ball” for his hair.

Similar shades include highlighter and neon.

3. Jungkook secretly escaped the set of The Good, The Bad, The Weird.

If you know, you know!

Lee Byung Hun | The Good, The Bad, The Weird  

4. The boys roasted Jimin and his helmet hair.

Coconut head, helmet hair…whatever you want to call the style, it’s adorable!

5. James Corden made a special appearance…according to BTS.

Well, if you use your imagination.

6. V showed his everlasting love of kids.

No one:

V: Awwww, children!

7. Jungkook spun at least, like, 10 times.

It was more like 3-4, but still.

8. Their reaction to the dancers was priceless.

Everyone knew J-Hope was going to freak out!

9. They critiqued the editors because they can.

They’re BTS, you know?

10. Here’s what Jimin did best, according to V.

Flawless timing!

Watch their full reaction video below!