10+ Must-See Moments From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” United Nations General Assembly Performance

Every ARMY needs to see #3. 😍

BTS recently attended the 76th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) as special guests to deliver a message of hope and perform their single, “Permission to Dance.” Check out some of the best moments from their performance below!

1. Jungkook radiating power from behind the podium

Cue fangirl screams in 3, 2, 1!

2. Jimin proving he can move at lightspeed

Jimin can get to any spot in the blink of an eye!

3. THIS moment

You can’t just watch this once…or twice.

4. V clicking his heels

He is the human embodiment of “lovely jubbly.”

5. J-Hope in a beret

Enough said. 😍

6. Jin snapping his fingers and making BTS assemble

His power!

7. Jimin walking through the UNGA’s seated area

His charisma is unmatched.

8. Suga rapping in a shirt and tie

It just hits different.

9. V single-handedly ending every model’s career

V must stand for Visual!

10. This transition to J-Hope’s verse

BTS is taking over the United Nations General Assembly Hall!

11. BTS exiting the seven doors from the UNGA’s building…

Yes, there are really seven.

12. …and the following shot of them dancing

Everything flowed seamlessly!

13. The transition to them in the streets

This was just too cool.

14. The camera panning around and showing the stunning view

Check out the New York skyline.

15. Everyone joining in at the end

This beautiful performance will go down in history!

Watch the full “Permission to Dance” performance below!

Check out photos from their visit to the United Nations General Assembly here.

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