10+ Moments From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Dance Practice That We Could Watch On Loop

They’ll make you wanna join in the dancing!

BTS surprised us with a dance practice of their new song “Permission to Dance” after RM dropped hints during a live broadcast.

Here are 10+ moments from the “Permission to Dance” dance practice that we could watch on loop…

1. RM hyping V up

2. This moment is so smooth

3. Jin is the dancer of the year

4. He was a punk, and he did ballet

5. 😶🚶

6. Just V looking happy 🥺

7. Jimin is so effortlessly adorable

8. J-Hope and Suga absolutely kill this part every time

9. It just makes you wanna join the dance 💃

10. One of the best choreo parts

11. Fake pockets should be illegal

Check out the full dance practice below:

Source: BANGTANTV and Image (1) and (2)