BTS’s RM Held A Surprise Live Broadcast…Here’s 10+ Moments You Need To See

He spent his free time with ARMYs today!

While we might not have a new Run BTS! episode today, BTS‘s RM made everything better by doing a surprise live broadcast for ARMYs with the 30 minutes of free time he had available.

Here are 10 moments from his live stream that you need to see…

1. RM playing with filters

2. RM giving us a fit check while hinting about the new dance practice

3. Everyone, be quiet! The President has something to say.

4. RM showing off his new haircut

5. This adorable moment

6. Just RM turning into his webtoon version

7. A new meme

8. New studio tour

9. His smile

10. RM saying his nickname “Joonie”

11. When he says he has to go…

12. Then leaving us with goodbye kisses 🥺

Check out moments from BTS’s new dance practice below:

10+ Moments From BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Dance Practice That We Could Watch On Loop

Source: BTS