Here Are 5 Reasons Why BTS’s “Permission To Dance” Is The Song The World Needs Right Now

#2 is super important!

BTS‘s latest single “Permission To Dance” isn’t just a catchy tune. It’s thoughtful, inclusive, and helping people around the world. Check out the 5 reasons below why everyone needs this song!

1. It spreads a message of hope and happiness.

From the removal of masks towards the end of the video…

…to the symbolism that is dear to BTS and ARMY, the song helps to instill a sense of hope and positivity within the listener.

Not only does it point to a better future, it also creates a reason to celebrate in the present moment. Jimin shared that the song’s healing properties give him the greatest sense of joy out of all of BTS’s other music videos.

2. The music video celebrates diversity.

Throughout the video, people of different ages, races, and nationalities were represented…

…ensuring that fans knew that BTS’s message of positivity is for people all over the world.

3. The message is accessible to people of all abilities.

BTS incorporated both Korean (KSL) and international (ASL) sign language into their choreography, including the words “fun,” “dance,” and “peace.”

4. Anyone can dance along, regardless of skill level.

They also made sure to make the point choreography simple for many people to be able to dance along.

J-Hope revealed that the scene at the end showcasing staff proves that anyone can join in. You don’t need to be as good as BTS to dance along!

5. It’s a whole lot of fun!

BTS hopes their fans enjoy it as much as they do…

We made this song with the vibe of ‘Let’s all have fun together!’ So we hope that many people enjoy it, engage with the song, and have fun with it.

— Jin

…so let loose and give yourself permission to dance!