Here Are The 10+ Most Iconic Moments From BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Soundcheck

No one was ready for #4!

Didn’t get soundcheck tickets to BTS‘s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” online concert? No worries! Check out some of the best, cutest, and funniest moments from the stream below!

1. This moment between RM and J-Hope

They were too hyped up! 😂

2. V grooving in his own world

V must stand for “vibing.”

3. Jungkook debuting this sexy look

It’s already a legendary look for ARMYs.

4. Suga’s amazingly built chest stealing everyone’s attention

Golden hour is doing those pecs justice.

5. RM letting loose

He let his goofy side out.

6. Jimin being effortlessly ethereal even without makeup

Jimin wakes up flawless!

7. This moment of the 7 kings walking together

Make way for legends!

8. Suga being this cute while also being the fiercest rapper

Duality at its finest.

9. Jin being 100% boyfriend material

His casual looks are just *chef’s kiss.*

10. J-Hope doing what he does best

If you’ve ever been to soundcheck, you know J-Hope just can’t stop dancing!

11. Return of rapper Jungkook

His swag was in full force.

12. RM promising ARMYs that BTS will always find a way to connect with them

Even from their rooms, ARMYs can feel the love!

13. Jimin and Jin asking for more of Jungkook’s voice in their in-ears

Everyone wants more JK in their lives!

14. Jihope being the best duo

Roomies for life!

15. V vibing part two

He didn’t let his injury dim his light!

16. RM jumping like the Karate Kid

Seriously, he had so much energy this day!

17. J-Hope being too cool for words

He’s a stage genius.