Here Are 7 Of The Most Emotional Quotes From Each BTS Member’s Ending Ment Of “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”

Every ARMY needs to read #4.

At the end of BTS‘s recent “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” online concert, the boys gave emotional speeches to ARMYs around the world. Check out some of their most heartfelt words below!

1. RM got introspective and found the answer for his motivation.

He just needs one thing to remember why he’s “RM!”

I’ve been feeling pushed to limits, trying to remember what I did, who I was. But I knew I’d be able to remember when I came here. And although V had to sit out and you guys aren’t here, I realized I won’t need any motivation if I could just hold a concert.

— RM

2. BTS tried something new this time and J-Hope comments on their decision.

J-Hope never gives anything less than 100%, and he revealed just how hard he and all of BTS worked for this concert!

We filled the whole setlist with all seven of us [T/N: There were no solo/unit stages]. It was a challenge for us, and there were difficult moments, figuring out how to maintain the tension. We really put in a lot of effort, our souls into decorating PTD On Stage. We wonder how you guys found them.

— J-Hope

3. Jimin talks about how it really feels without fans in the audience.

He’s hopeful that soon he’ll be able to convey all of his feelings to everyone in person.

The Olympic Stadium is really big, and without anyone here, it feels half like doing a rehearsal. It’s becoming more difficult to think of what to say now that I’ve said so much without you guys here. But I feel we’re gonna meet soon, so let’s talk more then.

— Jimin

4. Jungkook reveals what ARMYs truly mean to him.

They fuel his fire!

My motto is ‘I’d rather die than live without passion,’ but recently I’ve been feeling the embers faltering inside me, soulless whatever I did. But standing here, on the stage where ARMYs are watching from far away, I realized that I needed to see you guys.

— Jungkook

5. Jin talks about the realities of getting older.

He’s still so young, but he cherishes every moment with ARMYs like it’s his last!

Turning thirty, it aches here and there, and I really want to hold more concerts before I become too old and it becomes hard to keep up the energy as before. With the LA concert as the start, we’ll find more chances to meet you guys so please look forward.

— Jin

6. Suga looks back at the past and ahead to the future.

He’s realizing the good days ahead are closer than we think.

I looked up our Final Concert, and it just felt like a dream –This whole place packed with no one wearing masks. Although it wasn’t easy to fill all the stages together, I grasped we’ll be able to reunite with you guys here at the Olympic Stadium next time.

— Suga

7. V discusses his unfortunate injury.

V revealed his feelings about the sad event, but promised ARMYs he will come back stronger.

I actually felt sad (today). The injury came all of a sudden. I practiced anticipating how happy I’d be during the concert, but shamefully, I had to sit out for the actual concert. I’ll take proper care of my condition and show you guys what I couldn’t tonight.

— V