10+ Of The Most Iconic Things ARMYs Have Worn & Brought To BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LOS VEGAS” Concert So Far

BTS fans are so creative 😂

BTS‘s multi-day PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concert is well under way, and from the pictures and video clips that have been shared, it has already been an amazing experience!

| @nxvatwt/Twitter

Unsurprisingly, some fans have gone out of their way to go the extra mile and dress up in unique and hilarious outfits, or have brought eye-catching accessories and signs that have fellow ARMYs cracking up.

| @MGMGrand/Twitter

Here are 10+ examples of such creative fans that have been spotted at the concert so far!

This person showed up in an adorable and hilarious inflatable Mang costume!

The number of people with signs asking Suga to marry them was actually quite impressive 😂

This fan was ready to get RM’s attention with a particularly unique outfit.

This fan is using their opportunity with this sign for a good cause.

This adorable hand-made Pokémon costume is sure to get plenty of attention!

This ARMY takes their BTS cosplaying seriously! Talk about impressive 😯

There were countless handmade signs that went viral for obvious reasons…

These ARMYs took inspiration from past BTS costumes themselves 😂

It seems like Jungkook took this sign seriously!

We love to see parents rocking BTS merch!

If this bright outfit doesn’t get Jin‘s attention, what would? 😂

BTS seems to inspire food-themed costumes!

These signs and flower headpieces are simply adorable.

We can’t wait to see what other kinds of creativity ARMYs get up to over the course of their Las Vegas concerts!