Here Are 10 ARMYs With Extremely Relatable Timezone Struggles For BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert

We all experienced #6 before.

When BTS holds an online concert, broadcast, or any live-streamed moment, there will always be some ARMYs in the worst possible timezone for viewing (Hint: If you’re in it, you know!). Check out some fans who experienced the inner turmoil of catching their latest concert in the wee hours of the morning!

1. Calculating exactly how much sleep you can get and the appropriate time for naps

ARMYs are true mathematicians.

2. Ending your date early so you can be home in time for Soundcheck

It’s called “priorities!”

3. Even if it’s during the day, the timing is still a fail.

Curse you, responsibilities!

4. If you ever slept through a concert, you know the pain.

The replay is nice, but catching it live is everything.

5. EST ARMYs really had it rough this time.

Still recovering from the sleep schedule damage.

6. We all know how a “quick nap” ends.

8 hours later, “JUNGKOOK CROP TOP” is trending and you have no idea why.

7. When you’re an EST girl living a KST life.

No amount of coffee can heal this pain.

8. Everyone has their methods to stay awake.

Good luck, ARMY!

9. Some people, however, will never know the struggle.

Consider yourself blessed!

10. In the end, it really doesn’t matter what timezone you’re in…

…because you’ll instantly be full of energy when the show starts!