Here Are 30+ Moments From BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Online Concert That Everyone Should Get To See

#21 has us emotional!🥺

BTS held their digital PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert for ARMY on October 24. Since it cost to attend, we have compiled some moments from it that we believe everyone should get to see.

So, here are 40+ of the best moments from BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE online concert in no particular order…

1. BTS’s comedic timing remains unmatched

2. Their transitions are perfection

3. The way it went from being a heartfelt moment to chaotic…

4. This stunning multiview of “Black Swan”

5. BRB, crying

6. Just Suga shaking what his momma gave him

7. Our meme kings

8. “Dynamite” dance break

9. We love their friendship so much

10. The “Butter” dance break

11. V still danced! We don’t deserve him

12. Of course, J-Hope’s iconic “Baepsae” hip thrust!

13. This iconic JinKook moment

14. J-Hope literally being so hot

15. BTS’s wave

16. Jungkook calling out haters in the best way

17. Suga imitating RM’s kick

18. This sweet moment

19. V’s tattoo that we kind of wish was permanent

20. Jin in his green bow

21. When Jimin hugged V

22. V getting emotional watching the others perform

23. V’s reaction to BTS saying they miss him

24. Jimin unbuttoning his blazer

25. BTS growling and barking…

26. Jungkook’s ending speech

27. Suga being hot AF

28. Jungkook showcasing his duality

29. “Young Forever”

30. RM, Jin, and Jungkook watching out for each other

31. “Spring Day”

32. The transition between “Dynamite” and “Butter”

33. Rap god J-Hope

34. BTS vibing

35. Full-grown man crawling

36. BTS doing their little dancey dance

37. “Blue & Grey”

38. They look like they’re living their best lives, and we love it

39. And, of course, “Permission to Dance”

Check out ARMY reactions to the concert below:

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Source: VenewLive