40+ ARMY Reactions To BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Online Concert That Are Too Relatable For Words

#6 is so funny because it’s true! 😂

BTS held their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert for fans online on October 24. Each member showcased their talents and duality. So, here are 40+ ARMY reactions that are too relatable for words…

1. RIP, RM stans

2. We see two works of art here

3. Same energy

4. They didn’t have to go so hard

5. Forever devastated over the size differences here

6. Actual footage of the inside of our brains

7. The constant memeception

8. BTS transitions are next level

9. So smol despite being one of the biggest and baddest rappers of all time

10. The duality of all of these men is unbelievable

11. Is it even a BTS concert if J-Hope doesn’t hip thrust?

12. Jimin is insane for this

13. Even just the beginning alone of the concert was amazing

14. They all live in our minds rent-free

15. Who said V didn’t have permission to dance?

16. They’re so effortlessly funny

17. He’s a legend for this one, fam

18. We weren’t prepared

19. J-Hope came to wreck each and every one of us

20. As he should!!

21. The fits were hotter than hot

22. There was no time to cool off

23. Adorable, hot, sexy, cute… all words to describe the one and only V

24. We need 5-10 business days to recover

25. We’re emotional

26. He deserves the world

27. Suga bringing the skirts back! We love to see it

28. We know we’re called ARMY, but…

29. “I just wanna be your dog!”

30. Looks like home

31. This Jungkook look is god tier

32. He’s so hot for this

33. It’s safe to say he’s hot

34. Agust D made an appearance

35. We don’t deserve them

36. Seokjinnies, y’all okay?

37. He left no crumbs too!

38. RM at concerts is something else

39. Excuse me, sir?

40. Nothing can touch these fits, nothing

41. V proved that his stage presence is untouched

42. And he has our faith and trust

43. Please, they’re so cute!

44. The chaotic energy

45. Our leader, everybody

46. They do be vibing

47. Why we have trust issues…

48. We get it, Jimin, you’ve been working out

49. We were attacked


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♬ Butter – 방탄소년단 (BTS)

Check out moments from the concert below:

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