Here Are Some Of BTS’s Most Iconic B-Side Tracks And Performances You May Not Know

Most don’t know about #6.

B-sides, or the non-title tracks of an album, often receive less recognition than promoted singles. However, that doesn’t mean they are any less entertaining!

BTS often uses their B-side tracks as an opportunity to experiment with light lyrics and funky choreography. Check out some of their most iconic B-side performances below!

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1. Go Go

BTS’s “Go Go” discusses the lavish lifestyle of the young and rich.

Many believe it offers a critical view of Millenials’ “Live now, pay later” mindset.

Full of cute and viral dance moves, it’s known for it’s bright and quirky performance!

2. Anpanman

BTS compares themselves to the cartoon superhero “Anpanman” who was well-known in Korea throughout the 90s.

Stating they “don’t have biceps or pecs” or a “super car like Batman,” BTS promote the idea that superheroes are not just those we see in stories.

Everyday people can become superheroes.

3. Paldogangsan (Satoori Rap)

Each rapper shows off their native dialect in Paldogangsan (Satoori Rap).

Instead of “erasing” these elements of their identity to conform to standard dialect, each member is able to embrace their roots.

The performance almost feels similar to that of a play!

4. Baepsae

“Baepsae” is known for its bold and aggressive performance — that every ARMY needs to see in concert at least once!

From a small company, BTS addresses how their success is completely derived from their own handwork.

Check out the choreography below!

5. Boyz With Fun

BTS unleashes their signature energy on this fun track.

As a follow-up song to “I Need U” promotions, “Boyz With Fun” showed their upbeat side.

BTS were able to show their various sides.

6. Attack on Bangtan

“Attack on Bangtan” was released in 2013.

This performance featured fun choreography, including the iconic marching move!

Their energy is unmatched — even in their practice video!

7. 21st Century Girls

“21st Century Girls” was released on WINGS and is a total confidence booster for ARMYs!

The close-up shots of each member’s cute expressions make the song even more loveable.

Check it out below.

Source: TheQoo
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