Here’s Why Each Member Of BTS Is Precious In Their Own Way

“J-Hope is like water. Naturally, just by being around him…he puts people at ease.” — RM

1. Jin

Mr. Worldwide Handsome is much more than a pretty face.


Jin loves to make dad jokes and say cringey things to make the people he love laughs.

He does it because making others smile is his happiness.


He might be a goofball, but he is certainly very mature & cares for the members and ARMY very much.

“I also get hurt…I’m just trying to show a brighter side for you guys.” — Jin


2. Suga

Suga can rip up any enemy through his savage lyrics.

That’s because he uses his words to detail the inner workings of his mind and to deliver his truth.


No matter what it is, count on Suga to tell it like it is — whether you’re talking about haters, struggles in Korean society, or the pressure he faces being an idol.

“Suga hyung is someone who has very clear values and is very straight-forward.” — Jungkook


Suga is willing to do aegyo, wear heavy makeup, and practically live in his studio for the sake of BTS and ARMY — he doesn’t take the blessings he has for granted.

“Again today, I make up to wake up and dress up to mask on so I can become the me that you love…Even the clothes I hate and excessive makeup [I put on because] your laughter and happiness decide my own happiness.” — Suga in “Outro: Her”


3. J-Hope

J-Hope is seen as hope and sunshine personified.

He himself confessed that he was a very down person before debut, but after becoming “J-Hope” he became a more bright & hopeful person.

“I love my mind, hope mind. My name is my life.” — J-Hope 


He puts a lot of thought into his craft, whether it’s dancing, rapping, or songwriting.

The results always pay off shown by his position as dance leader & the immense success of his first mixtape.


He has a tough role as he is the mediator & middle child in BTS — he usually keeps the peace between the older members and the maknae line.

J-Hope almost never shows how tough things can be because he is so thoughtful and level-headed.

“J-Hope is like water. Naturally, just by being around him…he puts people at ease.” — RM


4. RM

RM is known for having a sexy brain.

Not only did he teach himself English, he reportedly has an IQ of 148, and solved plenty of questions of Problematic Men. 


Perhaps because of this, he’s very self-aware — to the point where his solo song on “Wings” was called “Reflection”.

All of the art he enjoys, the fan letters he reads, the interactions with people he loves cause him to reflect on how he can be a better artist, role model, and person.

“Thank you for being my fans. Our fans. I am also your fan. I am the fan that silently supports you through your personal battles and loneliness in life. Whether I be back stage or in the work room, I send you my fan letters written in long musical notes, through music. I wish you’d read that sound of missing you dearly.” — RM


No matter what, RM is always sincere and purposeful in everything he does.

This is what makes him such a great speaker, leader, artist, and human!


5. Jimin

Jimin’s nicknames include various forms of rice cake, baby chick, and peach — because he is so squishy and adorable. 


When it comes to performing, Jimin becomes extremely serious and sexy.

He’s admitted to being such a perfectionist, that he almost forgot how to have fun on stage.

Now, he has learned to loosen up and focuses on enjoying the music with the fans.


Jimin is a total bundle of love, shown by how considerate he is to his fans, friends, family, and members too.

“You care about me and think about me, You work harder because of me and understand me and listen to my concerns.” — V to Jimin


BTS V Burst Into Tears Reading Jimin A Deeply Personal Letter


6. V

V is known for his deep voice, computer graphic-esque visuals, and his 4D personality.


He is also an extremely artistic and creative person.

Not only does he write lyrics and participate in song production but he’s also a budding photographer and has impeccable fashion sense.


Like most creatives, V is a very emotional person & expresses those emotions in his art.

He also expresses it in the sincerity he pours into the people around him, which is why he has such a large social circle.

It’s no wonder V receives as much love as he gives to the world.


7. Jungkook

Jungkook debuted when he was 15, so he’s been the baby of BTS and ARMY for a long time.


The baby is now the main vocal, one of the main dancers, and can spit a sick rhyme when he needs too.

He’s also naturally athletic and has built a body so gorgeous that members call him a “muscle pig”.


Jungkook has grown into a very caring & thoughtful person, thanks to the way his members brought him up.

Though he seems very confident in his talents, he is always worrying about his future as a singer and BTS member. This motivates him to continue working hard and show ARMY new sides of him.

“To be able to perform in front of so many pretty ARMY…I really want to be your singer forever.” — Jungkook