How BTS Promote Sustainability Through Their Actions

True leaders of this generation!

As one of the most prominent musical artists of this generation, BTS have a lot of responsibilities to shoulder. Their influence goes beyond languages and cultures. So, their power to affect positive changes in the world is also unmatched.

| @fiaformulae/Instagram

The group has always been aware of the power of their platform, and they have put it to good use time and again. When it comes to eco-consciousness and sustainability, BTS have never shied away from promoting these mindsets both commercially as well as through their personal lifestyle choices.

1. Buying Recycled Goods

RM is known for frequently buying items made from recycled materials and thrifting his clothes often. In 2017, he posted a picture with a backpack made out of waste car materials. The brand, named CONTINEW, was a start-up at that point, but after RM’s post, they sold out in 3 days and even successfully finished a crowdfunding round!

In the concept photo for BE, he was also seen wearing a pair of MARINA sandals that were made from recycled sneakers.

2. Promoting Upcycled Fashion At Elite Events

In September 2021, BTS went to the UNGA as special presidential envoys. While their powerful speech became a point of discussion almost immediately, their fashion choice was not too far behind. A few hours after the event, fans discovered that the suits they were wearing at the event are from the brand RE;CODE.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

RE;CODE is a brand that is trying to revolutionize the South Korean fashion industry by creating luxury clothing from upcycled materials. The brand creates its clothes using parent company Kolon FnC’s stock clothes and eco-friendly fabrics.

The fact that BTS chose to highlight a homegrown upcycling fashion brand over the hundreds of luxury brands they could have gone for at an event where the entire world will be witnessing them speaks volumes about their sincerity towards eco-sustainability.

3. Eco-friendly Endorsements

In partnership with brands like Samsung and Hyundai, BTS have highlighted climate change issues and the importance of sustainability through their commercial endorsements as well.

The group also became brand ambassadors of Coway, a lifestyle brand that is aiming to bring eco-friendly home appliances to the people of South Korea.

4. Maintaining Eco-consciousness On Set

In the music video for “Permission To Dance”, BTS were seen releasing a hoard of balloons into the sky, which signified the end of the COVID crisis throughout the world. Many ARMYs were concerned by this; since releasing balloons into the air can lead to pollution and endanger wildlife.

But the behind the scenes video revealed that those balloons were tied down with an additional string so that after the shot, they could be pulled back down!

There is no doubt that BTS are always doing their best to be good role models for people who look up to them in every way!