Here’s How BTS Rap Line’s Outlook On Life Differs… As Shown In Their Own Lyrics

Their intro, interlude, and outro tracks well convey who they are.

BTS‘s lit-AF rap line consists of RM, Suga, and J-Hope. Now, with J-Hope’s brand new MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 “Outro: Ego” comeback trailer out, the circle has been completed. RM’s “Persona”, Suga’s “Shadow” and J-Hope’s “Ego” make up BTS’s map of the soul. And, without a doubt, each track surely conveys the rap line’s drastically different personalities and styles. Here are lyrics taken directly from the intro, the interlude, and the outro — that best portray RM, Suga and J-Hope as who they’ve come to be.

1. RM

Yeah, my name is R. It’s how I remember myself, it’s how people know me. It’s me that I’ve created for myself so I can tell my story. Yeah, maybe I’ve been tricking and lying to myself. But I’m not ashamed. This is the map of my soul. Dear myself, don’t you dare lose your own temperature. You don’t need to be warm, you don’t need to be cold. Sometimes I act nice, sometimes I act evil. Doesn’t matter because this is the direction I want to take with my life.

— RM

RM is the epitome of what BTS preach in their past albums and tracks: Love yourself and speak yourself. Like his “Intro: Persona” says, RM is all about “being at his own temperature”. Regardless of the “norm”, RM is all about being on track toward the direction he wants to take. His confident and self-reliant personality shines in the track as he raps about grabbing his life by the horns and taking absolute control of it.

2. Suga

Woo, I’ve been excited about how far I could go. I ran without stopping and look how far I’ve come. Yeah, hmm. The shadow underneath my feet. Looking down only makes it grow bigger. And even if I run, my shadow follows — growing in proportion with the brightness. I’m scared. I fear flying so high. No one told me how lonely it would be up here. Now I know, the higher I fly, the more I risk falling. Now I know, sometimes running away is the next best thing to do.

— Suga

Suga’s “Interlude: Shadow” brings a lot of darkness. This “darkness” isn’t necessarily bad though. It is, like Suga’s personality, raw and honest. It is straightforward and confrontational. It is awakening and self-awaring. Only Suga, who knows his strengths and weaknesses and is not afraid to show all, can deliver this message: It’s okay to be scared because everyone gets scared.

3. J-Hope

Okay, I don’t care. Every decision I made had been fate. So we’re here. Look at my future, the way it’s shining. Keep going now, ready, set, and begin. That way, that way, that way, Wherever my way. It’s my ego, ego, ego. Just trust myself.

— J-Hope

On a relatively brighter side of the rap line is J-Hope. His “sunshine” personality, which ARMYs have come to love and appreciate, rubs off in the “Outro: Ego” too. He is, like RM and Suga, equally as uncertain and scared of life — but at the same time, J-Hope brings a large portion of optimism with that uncertainty and fear. J-Hope’s “positive vibes only” kind of personality lets him keep his eyes on the prize and move forward, no matter how complicated the adventure.



Or, if TLDR, then in short:

Source: THEQOO