12 Times BTS’s Suga, J-Hope, And RM Proved They’re The Cutest Yet Fiercest Rap Line

Their duality is unmatched!

BTS‘s charismatic rappers Suga, J-Hope, and RM rip up the stage with their badass performances. However, offstage, you wouldn’t believe these three cuties are the same people! Check out 15 times they showed their crazy duality.

1. If you want an example of one of their coolest unit stages, “UGH” is a contender for the title.

2. However, there’s just about nothing squishier than when they wore Shiba hats during Run BTS!

3. You can’t mention rap line without their amazing Cypher stages!

4. Yes, these are the same three boys who spit fire on stage.

5. They’re also insanely handsome if you haven’t noticed!

6. They also pretty much invented swag…

7. …and cuteness!

8. “Tear” live is a moment that will be ingrained in our minds forever.

9. Just like Shiba line (You can never have enough of this)!

10. When you think of them, you might think of “Ddaeng.”

11. If you’re old school, you might think of their legendary chocolate, mint choco, and strawberry hairstyles!

12. Either way, you can’t escape rap line and their insane duality.