WHAT Collab? 10+ ARMY Reactions To The “BTS X Snickers” Sneak Attack

“This is the most unhinged BTS break ever.”

Today, a BTS and Snickers collaboration dropped out of the sky and took stan Twitter by storm. Most BTS projects are teased in advance, but these so-called “Bora Snickers” magically appeared in select stores. Here are 10+ reactions to BTS x Snickers!

1. Did we miss the memo?

2. The perfect snack for…everyone.

3. ARMY can’t even blink in peace…

4. We’ve got you covered.

5. In the words of Ross from Friends: “We were on a break!”

6. But seriously…please define “break.”

7. If you don’t get them now, you’ll be paying triple on eBay later.

8. Are these going to be like photocards cards, or…?

9. It’s only a matter of time.

10. Guess who won The Chocolate War.

11. The cheapest merch you’ll ever buy

12. Well, if you can’t beat them, join them.

13. Life is just not fair.