10 BTS “Re:memVer Party” Moments That Will Make Your Day 200% Better

Here are some of the best (and by ‘best’ we mean ‘dorkiest’) moments from the party.

On February 26, BTS celebrated with ARMY at the Vlive Re:memVer Party. Here are just some of the many moments from the party that will improve your day!


1. When Jimin acted like he hadn’t seen himself in years.


2. When they taught ARMYS how to take the perfect selfie


3. When they had this on-stage dance party to “IDOL”


4. When they gave ARMY their own award


5. When J-Hope nailed BTS’s fan chant


6. When Jimin knocked himself out of a chair…again


7. Whatever this is


8. When V showed off his duality


9. When Jungkook found a way to add J-Hope and Suga to this group photo


10.  When they won awards for “Artist Top 10”, “Best V Original” for their variety show Run BTS, “Best Video” for BTS JK, and “Best Channel” with 10M+followers.


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