2023 Is BTS RM’s “No F*cks Given” Year, And These 3+ Moments Prove It

He is living unfiltered!

2023 is technically only beginning, but BTS‘s RM has already shown that this is his year of “no f*cks given,” and we’re living for it.


Here are 3+ moments to prove it…

1. When RM called out a temple on Instagram after the chief monk spoke to the media about his visit

2023 was off to a rough start when, on January 5 (KST), multiple Korean media outlets reported about RM’s visit to the Hwaeomsa Temple in Mount Jirisan. He had even shared some photos on Instagram that have since been deleted after the temple’s chief monk spoke to the media. Considering RM had gone to him in confidence only for his privacy to be invaded and publicized, it was alarming.

I was grateful for the time spent there, but didn’t expect an article about it…😂

— RM via Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

The media reported that not only had RM been donating 500 bags every year to Good World Charity Bank, a children’s relief organization headed by Venerable Deokmun, the head of the Hwaeomsa Temple. But it mentioned private topics RM had discussed with the monk too. When the news spread, RM expressed his shock and disappointment via Instagram. He said he would visit a different temple in the future, followed by the hashtag “lowkeymustbelowkey.” We can’t blame him!

Next time I’ll make a quiet visit to a different temple…

— RM via Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

| @rkive/Instagram

That’s not all, though. Later, RM shared a picture of his workout routine written on a whiteboard, which he often does. Yet, this time, he wrote an explicit message, “Happy F*ckin’ New Year.” ARMYs believed this was in response to the situation too.

| @rkive/Instagram

2. When he addressed the news of a KORAIL employee invading his privacy 

It was barely two months later, and the news reported that RM’s privacy had been invaded yet again. An employee for KORAIL, the Korea Railroad Corporation, South Korea’s national railway operator, was found guilty of searching for RM’s personal information a total of 18 times over these three years in the company’s passenger database during an internal audit. This included not only his personal ticket numbers purchased but even his personal phone number and address connected to his account used to register on KORAIL’s website.

I simply looked at it because I was curious. I am reflecting on my mistakes.

— KORAIL employee “A”

| @rkive/Instagram

RM reposted the article revealing that the KORAIL employee invaded his privacy via Instagram Stories. This time, he simply added text, representing 😅.

Korail Employee Who Released Unauthorized Personal Information of BTS RM ‘Leaked Ticket Information For 3 Years’

— SBS headline

| @rkive/Instagram

I checked RM’s reservation details and I went to see him in person.

My friend informed me where RM was sitting so that I could pick a nearby seat.

— KORAIL employee “A” quotes

3. When he didn’t hold back about the west’s prejudices about Korea 

ARMYs have had tremendous praise for RM being brutally honest in an unfiltered interview with the Spanish publication El País.

You are in France or the UK, countries that have been colonizing others for centuries, and you come to me with, ‘Oh God, you put so much pressure on yourselves. Life in Korea is so stressful. ‘ Well, yes. That’s how you get things done.

—RM, El País 

4. When RM essentially said he doesn’t think artists deserve special treatment

K-Pop idols are put on pedestals with unrealistic expectations, hence the term “idol.” So, in his interview with Vogue Spain, RM reiterated that he is a human while emphasizing the importance of “average” jobs over his own as a musician.