6 Things BTS’s RM Is An Avid Fan Of, According To Weverse Magazine

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BTS‘s RM believes “being a fan” made him the person he is today. All of his passions and interests inspire him to become the best version of himself. Check out the things Weverse Magazine chose as his greatest passions below.

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1. Korean Art

RM’s huge love of art can be seen from a quick visit to his Instagram where he posts his favorite pieces that he owns and that he’s visited in various museums. Specifically, his love of Korean art has grown throughout the years.

The rapper’s interest in art took hold during a tour in 2018 when he visited the Art Institute of Chicago, which he was drawn to simply because it seemed a waste to spend all his time in hotels. After visiting some world-renowned museums, it suddenly occurred to him one day that all his roots are in Korea, and from then on he became interested in Korean painters.

— Weverse Magazine

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2. Reading

From his time spent on In The Soop to even when he’s in the makeup chair getting ready for a stage, RM spends a lot of time reading!

He’s into a variety of genres, from novels and poems to psychology, history and art; upon seeing RM’s bookshelf, author Kim Young-ha even noted, ‘These aren’t books you commonly see in someone’s bookshelf.’ A quick list of books RM’s recently mentioned shows just how wide a range of reading material he enjoys, including Depth of the LandscapeMitsubachi to EnraiEnd of the Summer, All About Saul Leiter, The Midnight Library and Doing Good Better.

— Weverse Magazine

3. Interior Design

RM has shown his interest in interior design throughout the years by decorating his studio, Rkive. His personal style has changed from a display of KAWS figures and bright, colorful objects to a more neutral display of his favorite art and wooden pieces.

RM’s studio “Rkive” | Weverse

4. Pop Culture

As an avid fan of many different shows, RM loves to watch K-Dramas, reality shows, and more.

It’s typical to hear RM say things like, ‘I came home early so I wouldn’t miss this episode,’ or, ‘What’s the point of living once the show’s over?’ He watched Street Dance Girls Fighter as it aired on Mnet, writing an emotional post when the crew he was rooting for was eliminated. Then, when Extraordinary Attorney Woo was airing, he was seen imitating the greeting from the show with the other BTS members.

— Weverse Magazine

RM watches Pachinko on his Instagram story. | @rkive/Instagram

5. Plants

RM views his time taking care of plants as a time to also take care of himself.

RM lovingly calls his bonsai trees by name as he waters and talks to them, and further evidence of his affection for the tiny trees can be seen on In the SOOP when he keeps his Baby Plum with him in the car heading out to their destination the whole time. He even waters it as soon as they arrive—before unpacking anything else.

— Weverse Magazine

6. People

RM is greatly inspired by the people around him and many of his idols. He learns through their art and becomes inspired about his own work and life.

As an artist himself, RM studies the lives of other artists through books and through their work, suggesting he learns from the lives of those who have come before him and struggled with the same questions, and in this way finds inspiration for his creative process but also for his direction in life.

— Weverse Magazine

BTS meets Drake at the 2019 American Music Awards. | @BTS_twt/Twitter
Source: Weverse Magazine


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