Here Are 5 Of BTS RM’s Softest And Most Unique Habits That Are Just So Him

Only he would do #3!

BTS‘s leader RM has is own way of doing things. He’s sentimental, thoughtful, and a total softie — in the best way! Check out 5 of his cutest habits that are just so him.

1. Obsessing over nature

RM loves to take long walks through nature to feel inspired.

Even when he can’t get out, he takes great pride in his potted plants at home.

He even made friends with the plant he brought with him on JTBC’s “In The Soop.” How cute!

2. Loving little animals

Just like he loves plants and nature, RM is head over heels for animals.

He has some of his own pets and always perks up when BTS gets to work with animals, like dogs during Run BTS!

He also loves to collect little crabs and search for tiny animals in nature. He’s too precious!

3. Singing with earphones in

Since he has such a great love for music, RM listens to music wherever he goes. However, the members notice he’s constantly singing along!

They can’t help but tease him for the hilarious way he sings all the words even with earphones in.

4. Singing in the shower

BTS once picked RM as the member who’s most likely to sing in the shower — and they definitely know from experience!

I mean, who doesn’t sing when he or she is taking a shower?

— RM

5. Speaking like he’s rapping

RM can rap nonstop when he’s on stage…

…and even when he speaks, he still has the impressive musicality of a rapper!

Sometimes, he speaks so fast that it’s hard to believe he’s not rapping.