5 New Things We’ve Learned About BTS’s RM In 2021, So Far

New behind the scenes stories and fun facts about BTS’s leader.

On January 19, BTS‘s RM answered questions and shared behind-the-scenes stories during his first live broadcast of 2021. Here are 5 new things we learned about him!

1. Leader V or Maknae Suga?

RM invited ARMY to play the balance game with him, also known as “this or that”. When a fan asked him to chose between V becoming the leader of BTS or Suga, BTS’s second-oldest member, becoming the group’s youngest member, RM chose…

V (left) and Suga (right). 

…Maknae Suga! It was a tough decision, but he stuck to it.

2. Jin’s jokes or Jin’s poems?

RM chose Jin’s “bad jokes” over his 3-line acrostic poems, but both are equally leJindary.

3. Five Jungkooks or one five-year-old Jungkook?

Like Suga, RM would rather have five Jungkooks than one five-year-old Jungkook, but their reasoning is totally different.


RM would love to listen to five Jungkooks singing in harmony. Suga believes that five Jungkooks would be more beneficial, financially, than having a five-year-old Jungkook running around. V, on the other hand, chose Baby JK over five grown-up ones.

4. He’s still the God of Destruction

While creating DTS, aka “Ducktan Sonyeondan”, out of snow, RM broke his snow scooper. “Snow duck maker is out of order,” he explained, in English. “I just broke it.” Oops!

5. He can do 20 pull-ups

After doing months of consistent strength training, RM went from being able to do one or two pull-ups last July to doing 20 now. On days when he isn’t feeling his best, he can still do 15!