BTS’s RM Has The Most Captivating And Ingenious Lyrics In New “Indigo” Album, And These 10+ ARMY Reactions Are Too Relatable

Which line from the album is your favorite?

BTS‘s RM released his solo album on December 2. Consisting of 10 songs that he had worked on since 2019, it is an archive of the final years of his twenties.

BTS’s RM during his Indigo press conference | HYBE

Each track had lyrics that were meaningful and meant to be dissected, something ARMYs took keen note of.

They quickly took to Twitter to share their amazement at his talent upon hearing each song. Check out some of their most relatable reactions below!

1. First up, when it was clear that he was a lyrical genius

2. When he poured his emotions into his songs and everyone felt them

3. When he gave a firm, important reminder to listeners

4. When the live version of “Still Life” was calling to us

5. When the rest of BTS were in awe of his lyricism for a reason

6. When “no. 2” was simply too relatable

7. When it was exactly what we needed

8. When he was a modern day poet

9. When there was a memorable turn of events in “Lonely”

10. When “Closer” made us blush

11. When Indigo was certified perfect

12. When we all knew he never disappoints

13. And finally, when RM planned the album carefully

Check out the full “Wild Flower” music video below if you have yet to see it.


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