BTS’s RM And Jin Are Known As “Human Magnets” — Here Are 10+ Moments Living Up To That Nickname

Only THEY would do #7.

BTS‘s RM and Jin are constantly next to each other. Whether they’re sitting side by side, leaning in towards each other, or even doing the same movements, it seems as if there’s a magnetic force pulling the two together. This earned them the nickname of “human magnets!” Check out the 10+ times they lived up to that title by never veering too far from one another.

1. Jin and RM look like they have a magnetic field between them.

As time progresses, the gap between them closes.

2. Even their hair is has a connection with each other.

Those two pieces of hair are reaching with all their might.

| Naver Broadcast

3. These two are constantly colliding.

Do they not see each other in the way or just don’t care?

4. Even when they’re sitting together, they still bump into each other.

It’s like bumper cars over here.

5. They don’t think twice about squeezing in together.

Plenty of room for the two of them.

6. When they have an entire bench, they somehow find each other.

All that space and yet they’re practically touching!

7. They progressed to the next level of subconsciously mimicking each other’s movements.

I am you and you are me.

8. Physical contact of any kind is welcome.

No excuses needed to hug your bro.

9. Face-squishing is always okay.

Just look at those cheeks!

10. They stick together in photoshoots.

These two never stop laughing, either.

11. Interviews are also a prime time for them to stick together.

If RM ever needs a microphone, Jin has his back.

12. Notice how their heads are drawn in towards each other.

Magnets at work.

13. Constantly collisions don’t even phase them.

If they don’t bump shoulders, are they even next to each other?

14. What is personal space?

They certainly don’t know.

15. We love our human magnets!

Stay together, always.

Source: TheQoo


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