10 Times BTS’s RM and Jin Were In Their Own World Together

#3 is just 😍!

According to BTS‘s RM and Jin, it’s a NamJin world and we’re just living in it! Here are 10 times the inseparable duo only saw each other.

1. Being cute on stage

They play around like cats and dogs.

2. When Jin was terrified of a stingray

His best friend was there to save him!

3. When RM realized why Jin’s nickname is “Worldwide Handsome”

It all makes sense now!

4. RM hysterically cracking up at Jin’s jokes

Someone has to do it.

5. When RM got shy from Jin’s comment

He can’t help it.

6. When Jin adjusted his position

Their laughs together are endless.

7. RM consoling Jin

This is what bros are for!

8. Jin savagely dealing out some revenge

He’s enjoying this a little too much!

9. Helping each other put their helmets on

True friendship.

10. Finding each other absolutely hilarious

You’ll never meet another duo like them!

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