13 Times BTS’s RM And Jin Proved They’re An Iconic Duo

NamJin: *Cracking up by themselves*

BTS‘s RM and Jin are BFF goals. They have tons of fun together, talk about everything, and share endless laughs. Check out some of their best moments that made us realize how precious their bond really is!

1. Showing their undeniable karaoke skills

2. Giving us back-to-back visuals

3. Being perfectly in sync with each other

4. This whole adorable commercial

5. When they revealed just how “bad” they are

6. When they made each other the only exception

7. Knowing all the little things about each other

8. Doing a whole lot of this

9. The inflatable incident

10. When Jin unleashes his inner rapper to scold RM

11. When they almost forgot they were modeling Artist-Made Collection merch

12. Proving themselves as the kings of flirting

13. When they crack up at the exact same time