Would You Share A Fry With BTS’s RM? Here Are Twitter’s Funniest Answers 

McGorgeous is here.

McDonald’s has released RM‘s promotional photo for “The BTS Meal,” an upcoming collaboration with BTS. In their tweet, McDonald’s asked, “BTS x McD: would u share a fry with RM?” Here are 10+ of the funniest replies so far!

RM | @McDonalds/Twitter 

1. Answering the question with a question

…but not getting any answers!

2. Fries? Who cares about fries…

…or nuggets for that matter?

3. One “McGorgeous,” please!

4. “He’s got the sauce.”

5. Take all the fries…

6. …and the universe for dessert?

7. Are you ARMY or are you Carl?

8. Setting boundaries like:

9. Hungry for this “full course meal”

10. No thoughts, just RM

11. Bring the puns on!

12. Everyone who got clowned by the “J-Hope” teaser photo


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